Dismantling failities

We buy all fractions that can be extracted from old electronic devices and we recycle them in a professional way. We would further like to advice you in cases of dismantling of old electronic devices.

Recycling of old electronic devices

For the development of process technology, our specific know-how about preparing primary resources was a valuable impulse. From the very beginning the optimal recovery of resources contained in old electronic devices was just as important as the secure disposal of dangerous substances. Since then we have recycled more than 500,000 tons of old electronic devices. The applied processes have been constantly developed and improved. Currently, we recycle about 4,000 tons of old electronic devices per month – thus, we are one of the most efficient recycler of this industry.

Logistics / Provision of containers

From its central location in Goslar, Electrocycling controls and coordinates the Germany-wide collections. The provision of containers and their transport are conducted with our own vehicles and through efficient, certified sub-contractors. There is a variety of vehicles and container types available for different transport requests in order to offer our clients individual transport solutions. 

We offer and transport every type and size of container, from the simple pallet over Euro-mesh-box pallets, battery containers, lockable data containers to 38cbm containers. If required, we collect single mesh boxes or complete units from you.