Industry / Business

Industrial enterprises and administrations accrue old electronic devices or device parts and other metal-bearing composite materials as scrap. Electrocycling provides you with appropriate containers, their collection and the recycling of the devices with the latest technology. If you have any special requests, do not hesitate – we will find the right solution for you!

Recycling of old electronic devices

For the development of process technology, our specific know-how about preparing primary resources was a valuable impulse. From the very beginning the optimal recovery of resources contained in old electronic devices was just as important as the secure disposal of dangerous substances. Since then we have recycled more than 500,000 tons of old electronic devices. The applied processes have been constantly developed and improved. Currently, we recycle about 4,000 tons of old electronic devices per month – thus, we are one of the most efficient recycler of this industry.

Logistics / Provision of containers

From its central location in Goslar, Electrocycling controls and coordinates the Germany-wide collections. The provision of containers and their transport are conducted with our own vehicles and through efficient, certified sub-contractors. There is a variety of vehicles and container types available for different transport requests in order to offer our clients individual transport solutions. 

We offer and transport every type and size of container, from the simple pallet over Euro-mesh-box pallets, battery containers, lockable data containers to 38cbm containers. If required, we collect single mesh boxes or complete units from you.

Disposal concepts and projects

Electrocycling arranges customized disposal concepts. The main emphasis is placed on an as complete as possible, simple and economic recording of waste streams to be disposed of. Limited or only on single device types focused projects can result from this.  

We work continuously on various small and large projects concerning electrical and electronic devices. Upon request, we take care of all phases: planning, management and realization. We follow the idea of individuality which motivates us to search for the best solution and to realize it. 

  • Examples for current projects: 
  • Extensive take-backs of 700,000 mobile phones so far 
  • Close-outs with and without marketing
  • Focused recycling of returns and overproductions
  • Liquidation of covers: Unpacking, removal of harmful substances, liquidation
  • Support with the marketing of functional old or new devices

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Deletion of data / Data carrier recycling

Hard disks, memory cards, flash memories, mobile phones, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, personal computers, tablets etc. can contain sensitive data and information. Especially for personal data exist specific regulations in accordance with the  German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz-BDSG). Electrocycling provides its customers with a system that guarantees data security from the collection to the deletion of data. No access to the data will be possible at any time. The secure deletion of your data will be confirmed with a certificate.

We provide lockable containers for collecting the different data carriers. For transport purposes, we have locked vehicles and our staff will be instructed in accordance with the data security regulations. Until the liquidation, the data carriers will be stored in monitored and locked areas at Electrocycling. 

For the liquidation of data we use different shredding machines (as required with the highest security level (level 5) in accordance with DIN 32757-1). The data will be irretrievably liquidated by shredding and grinding the data carriers (in accordance with §3 (5) (5) BDSG). Contained metals like aluminum, copper, iron will be segregated and afterwards melted in metal smelters

Upon request, we also delete your data carriers with certified software.

To provide you with a confirmation, we set up data deletion certificates with all the information about the collection location and the disposal.

Dismantling of industrial plants

For nearly 20 years our own installation teams have removed various kinds of industrial and trades installations for our clients all over Germany. Our services range from dismantling analog and digital switching and transmission technology, medical technology, transmitters, emergency power generators, control and supply engineering for industrial plants, production lines, servers etc.

We provide our clients with detailed planning, qualified dismantling including provision of containers, shipment and transport as well as professional recycling and disposal. Our entire job will be recorded and accounted transparently. We consider all your wishes and requests and we will find an individual solution for every task.