In accordance with ElektroG, municipalities are obliged to take back old electronic devices from citizens in order to make them available to producers. Local authorities are under certain conditions allowed to market (to opt) these taken back devices autonomously.

We support municipalities in the realization of opting, provide appropriate containers and collect the filled containers as agreed upon. 

Environmentally compatible recycling, compliance with legal guidelines, and removal of harmful substances are a matter of course for us. In accordance with ElektroG, we provide you with all necessary data for reporting purposes and we also report directly for you to EAR in coordination with the municipalities.

Recycling of old electronic devices

For the development of process technology, our specific know-how about preparing primary resources was a valuable impulse. From the very beginning the optimal recovery of resources contained in old electronic devices was just as important as the secure disposal of dangerous substances. Since then we have recycled more than 500,000 tons of old electronic devices. The applied processes have been constantly developed and improved. Currently, we recycle about 4,000 tons of old electronic devices per month – thus, we are one of the most efficient recycler of this industry.