In accordance with WEEE and ElektroG, producers and importers of electronic devices are required to take back and to recycle all the devices they brought on the market, once the devices are at the end of their useful life.

Electrocycling offers a full service to producers and importers under one roof: registration in accordance with ElektroG, management with the EAR system, and complete recycling of the old electronic devices. Because of our specific knowledge of WEEE and ElektroG as well as our almost 20 years of experience in recycling old electronic devices, our clients receive an optimal all-round service. 

Moreover, we offer consulting and support all over Europe to our clients through our subsidiary EARN and its network  – from the registration of producers in every European country to the recycling of existing old electronic devices there.

Recycling of old electronic devices

For the development of process technology, our specific know-how about preparing primary resources was a valuable impulse. From the very beginning the optimal recovery of resources contained in old electronic devices was just as important as the secure disposal of dangerous substances. Since then we have recycled more than 500,000 tons of old electronic devices. The applied processes have been constantly developed and improved. Currently, we recycle about 4,000 tons of old electronic devices per month – thus, we are one of the most efficient recycler of this industry.

WEEE / Elektro G

Registration service

We provide you with a competent contact person who will work with you to gather all necessary information and data of your company and enter it into the EAR system. As a matter of course, our service includes all brands and types of devices from private households (B2C) and other sources (B2B). Moreover, necessary updates and adjustments will be carried out by our competent and reliable team as well.  

Financial guarantee 

We offer different options to cover guarantees that are protected from insolvency (trust agreements by an escrow holder, lawyer and notary or by a collective guarantee system). Electrocycling will carry out the calculation of the necessary guarantee amount and the collecting of all necessary documents. We monitor all relevant deadlines and update you on possible guarantee adjustments. 


We gather and document continuously all of your processes in accordance with ElektroG, from the collecting order to the recycling job. The data will then be arranged in the required formats. We also carry out reports to the EAR. Upon request we will, as a matter of course, transmit the data in the agreed-upon format directly to you as well, in case you need them for evaluation purposes. 

The reporting (in accordance with ElektroG) includes inter alia:

  • Reporting to the EAR concerning the quantity of old devices picked up from waste management utilities under public law
  • Reporting of device-related take-backs; reporting concerning the quantity of reused, materially-recycled and recycled old devices (transparent volume flow record)
  • Requests -in due time- of the actual quantities placed monthly on the market 
  • Reporting -in due time- to the EAR, reporting of the quantity of taken back old devices (commercially used devices)
Logistics / Provision of containers

From its central location in Goslar, Electrocycling controls and coordinates the Germany-wide collections. The provision of containers and their transport are conducted with our own vehicles and through efficient, certified sub-contractors. There is a variety of vehicles and container types available for different transport requests in order to offer our clients individual transport solutions. 

We offer and transport every type and size of container, from the simple pallet over Euro-mesh-box pallets, battery containers, lockable data containers to 38cbm containers. If required, we collect single mesh boxes or complete units from you.