Manufacturer / Distributor

ElektroG Service

Our services in the area of ElektroG at a glance:

  • Registration – as a manufacturer or distributor of electrical equipment in Germany: we take care of the entire process, from compiling the data to the registration notice with receipt of the WEEE number.
  • Authorised representative – You do not have a branch office or company headquarters in Germany? If so, an authorised representative to whom you can transfer the authority to place electrical equipment on the market will be required for registration. We can act as your authorised representative and assume full producer responsibility on your behalf.
  • Guarantee system – In order to register B2C appliances (electrical appliances that can be used in private households), an insolvency-proof guarantee for the financing of the take-back and disposal of these appliances must be proven. Here we offer a practicable solution with the guarantee system "ELECTROCYCLING GUARANTEE", which is approved by the stiftung ear  incl. annually necessary updating or possible increase of the guarantee amount.
  • Disposal – As a certified primary treatment facility, we guarantee, as your disposal company registered in the ear portal, direct handling, without detours for any collection orders from the stiftung ear, and professional and legally compliant disposal – nationwide.
  • Notification obligations – We take care of all monthly and annual notifications and ensure that they are completed on time.
  • Monitoring – Monitoring of relevant deadlines and changes in the ElektroG, annual updating of the guarantee, correspondence with the stiftung ear, provision of recycling quotas and required evidence, advice on all matters relating to the ElektroG.


WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Battery law – BattG

Comprehensive regulations in Europe apply not only to electrical and electronic equipment, but also to batteries.

The BattG implements the requirements of the European Battery Directive of 2006.


By the way: As with electrical and electronic equipment, batteries are also subject to individual registration and take-back requirements in each European country. Here too, EARN is at your side with tried and tested solutions for all countries in Europe.