Network Europe.

In order to support its customers all over Europe, Electrocycling founded the company EARN GmbH (European Advanced Recycling Network) in cooperation with other European recycling firms in 2003. EARN makes sure that all its customers meet the European WEEE requirements as well as state laws. EARN offers the following for customers all over Europe:

  • Registration of producers according to the individual application in each state for old electronic devices, batteries, and packaging
  • Take-backs of old electronic devices within the scope of WEEE, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey
  • Recycling of old electronic devices in each state
  • Reporting of quantities for registered producers to government agencies, and systems and handling of state-specific requirements
  • Regular updates on current legal adaptations

The shareholders and partners of EARN run more than 30 qualified disposal facilities in Europe to take care of old electronic devices.

Producers looking for central solutions for Europe or several European countries trust in EARN’s comprehensive services.



If there are further questions regarding a Europe-wide solution, please contact:


EARN Elektroaltgeräte Service GmbH
Landstraße 91
38644 Goslar
Tel: +49 (0)5321 68359-0