FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

For tradespeople

What are the loading and unloading times at Electrocycling for tradespeople?

You can load and unload at our company site from 6 a.m. onwards. You should be at our site by 4 p.m. at the latest, as you must be finished and leave the site by 6 p.m.

When will the collection containers for waste electrical equipment be collected from me?

You can register the collection of the collection containers with us by telephone or in writing.

How much does it cost to drop off waste electrical appliances etc. at Electrocycling?

This depends on the individual material and quantity. Please contact us.

Do you offer data media destruction?
How is the e-scrap recycled?

Follow this link Link for a detailed explanation.

For private individuals

What can be dropped off at Electrocycling?

Waste electrical appliances - or "anything with a plug" - and batteries.

How much does it cost to drop off waste electrical appliances, etc. at Electrocycling?

The return of waste electrical appliances is free of charge for private individuals in normal household quantities.

A remuneration of the material is not possible for small quantities.

At what times can I drop off waste electrical appliances at Electrocycling?

The regular drop-off of old appliances is possible every day between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Can I arrange the collection of waste electronic appliances from my home?

Usually this is not intended for private individuals. In special cases please contact us.